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Boneyard Flower

You let me close enough
To get under your skin
And I found out who you are
And I think you finally knew
The uselessness I learned
From everyone around

Chorus 1:
Cause I want to see you cry
The way I've been pushed to cry
I want to see you burn
You won't ever see
The way I want it all to be
You always get confused

But you're so quick to deny it
And say that it was wrecked by me
You are so inspired to take everything away

Chorus 2:
I can't take it anymore
I can't take it anymore
All your words that I abhor
I can't take it anymore

You can't turn your back
On things you started when
You felt you meant so much
Cause I always hoped you'd go
To an empty place
Where I could watch you go insane

Chorus 1

But your words just make me tired
Cause I've heard them all before
You think I won't defy you
But I can feel it coming soon

Chorus 2

Chorus 2